"Climate change can cause wars" This was the powerful message from Dr. Edward S. Rubin, 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner and spokesperson for the intergovernmental panel of experts on Climate Change during his visit to SPB’s Innovation and Technological Development Centre.
Dr. Rubin is one of the jurors of the Jaume I Awards and he’s in Valencia deliberating and deciding on this year's edition winners.
Edward Rubin showed interest in how SPB works and how the company is committed to controlling the entire life cycle of the product to launch doubly clean solutions on the market: "They clean and also have a life cycle, a “clean” cycle of use" said Rubin.
In response to questions from our workers about what alternatives there are to the energies that we currently consume, he was blunt: "The only clean energy is the one that is not consumed". He highlighted the awareness of the Scandinavian countries: "A Scandinavian consumes half the energy of an American and they are rich economies. We have to go in that direction. "
Rubin's visit was made possible thanks to the president and CEO of SPB, Miguel Burdeos. He is patron of the Advanced Studies Valencian Foundation and a driving force behind the Jaume I Awards.
With this visit from the North American scientist, Burdeos wanted to highlight SPB’S work in favour of sustainability and, in general, from the entire chemical sector of the Valencian Community. The Novel Peace Prize winner concluded that;  "It’s true that, although this is not the case, when we think about chemistry we do not think about sustainability, but we have to make the public aware that there are companies like SPB that want to contribute and do things well".

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