SPB has announced the acquisition of the German company Gallon Kosmetik, in an operation that represents its entry into this market as SPB Germany. The subsidiary of the Valencian company will maintain the activity of the German organization, focused on household and personal care products, anticipating an increase in production capacity by 30%.
This operation is one more step in SPB's strategy to become a more global and competitive company, as announced last June with the change of its corporate name. The acquisition is part of the Valencian company's plans to adapt to the reality of a global, interrelated, dynamic and changing market, in addition to offering distributors and consumers a valuable proposition in terms of hygiene and cleaning.
Gallon Kosmetik, with a great knowledge of the sector and a wide range of products, will allow SPB to grow in the German and European market with a consolidated local company. Likewise, the laboratory integrated within the plant that the company owns in Vlotho (Rhineland), strengthens its commitment to quality and innovation as it also has an R&D&I Center. This acquisition will allow SPB to increase its production capacity in disinfection and household cleaning products by 30%, complying with the high demand due to the current context of Covid-19, where the request for efficient and disinfecting products will continue to be a priority in the upcoming months.
Gracia Burdeos, CEO of SPB, assured that: “For our company, our clients and consumers are the centre of our decisions. The integration of Gallon into our organization allows us to establish ourselves in a comprehensive and global international market. We are very proud to integrate a company with so much experience and levels of quality and innovation as demanding as ours, offering distributors and consumers a valuable proposition in terms of household, laundry and personal care products”.
Gallon Kosmetik, founded in 1971,  with a 13,000 m² production plant in Vlotho (North Rhine-Westphalia),  is a company with a long track record in the sector, which has the highest certifications and quality standards in its products. Likewise, the organization stands out for its broad portfolio, extensive know-how in international logistics and a good network of suppliers. Its presence is not only limited to the German market, but also to the whole of Europe.
Gallon's activity is complementary to SPB and will be integrated with its 4 production plants, 2 logistics centres and the innovation and technological development centre that the company currently has in Spain (Valencia and Seville). The synergies between both organizations will contribute substantially to its solid growth, increasing its industrial capacity, range of products and providing the necessary innovation to face the current context that the household cleaning market is going through.

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