World Health and Safety at Work Day is celebrated next Saturday, April 28th. At SPB we celebrate this month with various events, all of them within our Wellness Formula and the objective is to encourage workers to be in charge of their own health, understood in a broad sense, and what safety is and what it refers to.
These are few of the initiatives we are promoting:
- Firefighters of the Consortium belonging to the Parks of Chiva and Requena visited our three manufacturing plants in Cheste (Valencia). The objective was for them to get to know our facilities better to be able to act quicker in case of an emergency. Also, at our manufacturing plant in Huévar del Aljarafe, we conducted a PCI training with Seville’s the head of the fire department.
- First Aid Courses have been carried out for the teams who have that responsibility in SPB as well as those who may be interested in taking part of these teams.
- We have promoted a Children's Drawing Contest among the relatives of our workers. The idea is for the little ones to draw a picture of their parents job and how they take care of their safety. An initiative with which we intend to bring personal and professional life closer together and raise awareness about the importance of safety at work amongst children and teens. In addition, the participants, can add solidarity miles in our Run to the Moon App, within the collaborative economy program that we lead, People who Shine.
- In addition, the following 27th of April, we will deliver diplomas to those who have completed the basic level functions of PRL and Forklifts training courses at the SPB’s Innovation and Technological Development Offices.
- Finally, and coinciding with April 28th, a free conference will be held about the importance of taking care of meals during working hours. Nutritionist Elisa Escorihuela will attend this conference and she will help us plan our week of "tupper" meals with a live cooking show. Also, we will hear about conscious eating from Miqui Amador Puga. This conference will be held at the Polytechnic University of Valencia from 11am until 1pm.

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