During the past week, SPB has been carrying out different actions to celebrate the World Environment Day, celebrated today. Various messages have been sent through the company's internal social network and through its digital magazine including water, paper or electricity saving tips amongst other actions. This year's environmental theme "Overcoming plastic pollution" has also been disclosed.
In addition, SPB has promoted amongst its workers a campaign to drop off their used safety glasses and mobile phones that they no longer use. The objective is to donate them to an association that allocates these donated items to children in developing countries.
The closing act of this environmental week was celebrated yesterday with the visit of the Nobel Peace Prize and spokesman of the intergovernmental panel of experts on climate change, Edward S. Rubin, who visited SPB and shared his knowledge with our colleagues (photo gallery of the article).
Since it’s the little things that can help change the world, on June 5th, World Environment Day, everyone at SPB was informed and encouraged to "give a day off" to the printers and photocopiers in the company. By taking advantage of the digital devices that we have at our disposal, we launched the day without paper and this way we can save energy and paper, avoiding the environmental impact that this entails.

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