SPB changes its company name. Go from SUAVIZANTES Y PLASTIFICANTES BITUMINOSOS, SL to THE SPB GLOBAL CORPORATION, SL. A change that does not imply any modification or legal transformation, but a change of company name. However, the company will continue to be known as SPB.

The change responds to the new moment of the company and the objective of having a more global perspective, more in line with what SPB is currently and what it is seeking, to consolidate itself as a more global and competitive company.

The company name up to now has more than 50 years of history of the company and responded to the business that it had at the time, focused on petroleum products and derivatives. Hence, the name was Suavizantes y Plastificantes Bituminosos, SL. However, the very evolution of SPB has been redefining its activity, going from solvents to more sophisticated products such as household cleaning products, clothing care and personal care. For this reason, they point out from the company, "our surname, in these years, has ceased to represent us."

Both the president of SPB, Miguel Burdeos, and its general director, Gracia Burdeos, point out that "what we want with this change is to have a business card that reflects who we are. From humility but with the conviction of our possibilities."

For SPB it is one more milestone on its way. An important moment was experienced last year with the succession at the head of the general management that went from Miguel Burdeos to Gracia Burdeos. Now, SPB goes one step further with this name change. "A step forward on a legacy that has allowed us to get to where we are. From now on, we have the challenge to continue growing and consolidating ourselves so that this surname that we are debuting today represents us", they point out.

About SPB

SPB is a family business with more than 50 years of experience and a team of 600 people dedicated to converting people's expectations into experiences that improve their quality of life. We are leaders in the manufacture of home care products, clothing care and personal care thanks to our Center for Innovation and Technological Development and our four production centres. We have a presence in 14 countries and our turnover in 2019 amounted to 134 million euros. We aspire to be global, innovative, unique and sustainable with talent, simplicity and leadership. From active listening to the market, through design, formulation, manufacturing, to reaching people's homes. |

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