SPB has been selected, along with 9 other excellent companies, and from more than 100 companies, to be part of the CRE100DO program. It is a business transformation country program that accompanies more than 100 companies on their roadmap to become great in order to open the way for other companies in the middle market.

CRE100DO was born in 2014 from the hand of the Bankinter Innovation Foundation, the Círculo de Empresarios de Madrid and ICEX. The objective: to contribute to the development of the Spanish production model by promoting excellent companies in the so-called Spanish middle market by organizing an ecosystem that allows them to collaborate and exchange challenges, knowledge and experiences. In short, to promote the evolution towards a model based on companies with more added value, more innovative, more competitive and more internationalized, for which the size of the companies is the variable that has the most influence.

Year after year, it has been incorporating more companies to this initiative, reaching the 118 it currently has. This year 10 companies have joined the program. Out of 500 preselected companies, 100 companies have been studied in-depth and 10 companies that they call “excellent” have entered. The selected ones have been ALE-HOP, Truck & Wheel, Logisfashion, Adolfo Domínguez, Quesos El Pastor, Babaria, Zendal, Satec, Grenergy and SPB.

Listes des ingrédients
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