QUIMACOVA, the Association of Chemical Companies of the Valencian Community, has celebrated its General Cluster by gathering its partners in the Veles e Vents building in Valencia.
SPB participated in this appointment as it belongs to this institution. Also, Miguel Burdeos, CEO of SPB, is also president of the Association.
In this event, the senior responsible of Quimacova reported this year’s most important milestones. Great value was given to the creation of the Valencian Agency for Innovation (AVI), Miguel Burdeos is member of its Strategic Committee.
Miguel Burdeos himself pointed out that, as pursued by the AVI, bringing the scientific world and technology centres closer to our companies, most specifically to chemical companies is essential. QUIMACOVA is working on having a technological institute as a reference for SMEs to give these new companies a gateway access.
They highlighted the 11 training programs that have taken place and in which over 162 people from these companies were involved. Also, they announced their intentions of doubling the number of training programs this year. 
Regarding the training programs, they are very proud of having professional training programs in the Valencian Community, specially focused on the chemical industry. An achievement that’s only been possible thanks to the work that QUIMACOVA has done, joining the efforts of each company, the educational administration and universities.
Amongst future projects, QUIMACOVA will continue to work towards increasing the number of associated companies as well as support their relations with public administrations. They’ve also announced that they thrive to improve and incorporate new services that will bring tangibility to these companies.
Environmental protection also concerns the chemical industry, QUIMACOVA will respond to these concerns with initiatives such as "Hold the environmental flag".
QUIMACOVA celebrated its 15 years and to commemorate it, all its assistants have enjoyed a speach by Victor Küppers to deepen on emotional leadership.

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