At SPB we are going to make the "SPB FOREST" a reality. This is a corporate environmental volunteering project promoted by the company to reforest an inland area of the province of Valencia, in the Valencian Community. Three of our production centres and our Innovation Centre are located in the province of Valencia. 

SPB is going to pay for the planting of 2,000 trees: 1,600 Pinus halepensis and 400 Quercus ilex (Aleppo and Aleppo pines) with the collaboration of the VerdeA association, a non-profit organisation committed to reforesting environmentally degraded areas at risk of desertification. And this reforestation will be made possible by SPB's own volunteer workers. 

It is estimated that during its entire life, a pinus halepensis absorbs 277 kg of CO2 while a Quercus ilex absorbs 400 kg of CO2. In other words, this reforestation will compensate 603,200 kg of CO2 or, in other words, the CO2 emissions of 600 cars that refuel 50 litres/month for a year.

The SPB FOREST is an initiative that is part of the company's CSR policy. At SPB we are firmly convinced that, without clashing with our objectives as a company to create wealth and employment, respond to the needs of our customers, be innovative and efficient, we can and must work for a more humane, more liveable, fairer and more responsible global scenario. 

Furthermore, the fact that this initiative is being developed by our own collaborators in the form of corporate volunteering is another plus that makes this project a very positive initiative, as, at a time when the pandemic has distanced us, we are going to be closer, develop interpersonal relationships, engagement and communication.

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