SPB, leading chemical company dedicated to the manufacture of household care, clothing and personal care products and packaging, has reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability in the Packaging and Bottling Innovation Clusters’ breakfast.
An ambitious challenge in reference to materials and as explained by the representative of the SPB Department of Purchases, Felipe del Amo. "It means ensuring the cost efficiency and material resistance in the transport of our products both plastics and cardboard”.
SPB's head of packaging and bottling production, Jesús Valls, argued that "SPB is committed to innovative solutions for lighter and more environmentally-friendly packaging, effective without damaging their resistance ".

Packaging and Bottling sector internationalization.

During this meeting, the Packaging and Bottling Innovation Cluster wanted to promote the internationalization of the companies in this sector, bringing forward all the support we can get from the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE).
Thus, María Dolores Parra, the General Director of Internationalization of the Sustainable Economy Council, Productive Sectors, Commerce and Labor also attended this breakfast. By doing so, she informed the attendees about the five different types of incentives that exist for this purpose.

Nunsys was the company sponsoring this XVIII Breakfast, specialized in the development and implementation of integral and technological solutions which develops projects in Communications, Systems, Networking, Software and 4.0 Industries.

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